Owen Dragrien

Owen's pose
  • Name: Owen Dragrien
  • Date Of Birth: 25th November
  • Status: Member Of Shiver Stars
  • Type Of Magic : Dragon Slayer Magic
  • Partner: Oreo
  • Nickname: Komodon (Dragon Lizard)
  • Weapon : None
  • Likes: Fighting, Eating, Playing with Oreo
  • Dislikes: Reading books and losing to Kyle
    Stand1 0

Owen is currently a member of the famous guild, Shiver Stars. He lives in a small apartment near Summer's home which he could conveniently walk to without much effort. Owen has a private gym in his apartment where he usually trains and improves the abilities of his magic powers. Owen's favourite food is Oreo which explains why his dog has the same name.


Owen's family were the descendants of the legendary fire dragon, Degrien. Degrien's powers were passed down the family tree and passed down to Owen. The Dragon Slayer magic is an ancient magic that not many know of and possess.


Being a Dragon Slayer, Owen could consume and digest any substance without injury. However, some objects would have side effects on him. The only thing Owen likes to eat is fire which helps him recover his magic almost immediately and also cure whatever injuries he currently has in a battle.

Owen's superhuman durability and endurance comes from the Dragon Slayer magic which inherited. This allows him endure more hits from his enemies and survive longer in battles. The superhuman senses also comes from the trait of a Dragon Slayer. This trait could track anyone down including monsters.

Owen could also communicate with animals with his Animal Control ability.


Owen is protective and loyal to his guild. He was extra protective of River when she was alive and accompanied her wherever she went. Owen treats Shiver Stars as his family and would not hesitate to defend them at any costs. He would even engage in battle with anyone who insults the guild. Because of this, Owen is always on the blacklist of the Capital.


River Gellel: They were very close friends since they were young and River was the first person who truly knows Owen. Both of them would spent their days hanging out together and were inseparable. Unfortunately one day, River was killed doing a job request. From then on, every year on River's death anniversary, Owen would sit beside her grave and gaze out to the beautiful landscape that she liked.

Summer Kive: Owen met Summer when he was returning back from a job. The two became close friends after Summer joined the guild and they loved doing job requests together.                     

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