Shiver Stars

Shiver Stars is the strongest Light guild in the Kingdom of Kazeus. It was originally disbanded. However, Malcolm Titers, the current Guild Master, reestablished it after two years. The name of "Shiver Stars" describes the strength of the guild's teamwork that could even strike fear in the stars in the sky.


Shiver Stars had existed for a decade and have been displaying its prominence and strength recently to the other Light guilds.

X-Class Event

There is a X-Class Event held every year where potential guild members are selected by guild leaders to participate. The selected guild members will be promoted to X-Class if they manage to complete the event. X-Class guild members could take on more challenging missions and become one of the elites in the guild.


Currently, Shiver Stars has 15 members, many of the other guild member's whereabouts are unknown. Members include Owen, Summer, Neil, Erza, Kyle, Red, Cana and Alex.

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